Scottsboro’s Best Web Marketing Solution

The Productions department is a full-service Web design studio supporting the editorial and advertising design interests of the Scottsboro/Jackson area. Our services include Web site design and development, Internet marketing (including banner design, campaign administration, search engine optimization and subscription-based e-mail marketing), Web hosting, news graphics, and multimedia assets such as streaming audio, video and Flash presentations.

Why Advertise on the Internet?

  • 56% of U.S. Residents go online (*Pew Research Center)

  • Web Influences offline spending (*Media Metrix)
    68% Researched Online/Purchased at Store
    47% Researched Online/ Purchased by Phone  

Why advertise on

  •  Incredible visitor loyalty!
    40% of visitors come to the site every day
    72% visit at least three times each week
  •  Incredible visitor buying power!
    37% Annual income of $50,000 or more
  •  Local web sites have more success in meeting marketing goals.
    (* NetSmart Research)
  • visitors go online more often than national average.

What are the ad rates on ?

Scottsboro.Com Ad Rates


Type Ad


Cost / Month

Setup & Minimums

Banner Ad

Static Card ad on opening page


Setup $20.00

Min 6 month prepaid

Banner Ad

Static Card  ad not on opening page


Setup $20.00

Min 6 month prepaid

Link Ads

Alphabetic Listing hyper linked to your web site


Setup $5.00

Min 12 month prepaid

Coupon Ad

Constructed per your instructions & hosted  on


Setup $20.00

Min 6 month prepaid

Marquee  Ad

Text Message scrolls across Screen


Setup $20.00

Min 1 month prepaid

Page Ad

Linked from home page to your individual ad or information page


Setup $30.00

Min 3 month prepaid

Ad Redesign

Actual Time @ $40.00/ Hr

15 Min Minimum

Ad Changes

Actual Time @ $40.00/ Hr

15 Min Minimum

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